First make up haul - Sephora & Rossmann (drugstore) PART 1: HIGHLIGHTERS

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So recently I went out and did some shopping... Well, did a lot of shopping, to be honest. At least that's a lot to me. And today, as a first official post on this blog, I decided to show you what I've bought. I personally love watching those kinds of videos on youtube and reading those kinds of blog posts, so I thought maybe someone will enjoy mine as well. Also, for me it's a good way to start writing the blog - it's a little easier to write than some other ideas I have and lets me try out all the different properties for the first time...

First of all, let me explain myself. I don't usually go out and get so much make up at once. But this time I had an excuse :). Rossmann (which, if you don't know, is a popular drugstore here in Poland and in some other European countries as well) had huge sales going on - 49% off of any face make up products and later the same off of eye make up products. There will be a sale for lip and nail products as well, but I don't think I need to spend any more money this month (or more like this year...). And in Sephora, if you bring one old make up product of yours, you get a 40% discount off of 5 Sephora brand make up products/brushes (present tense because I think it's still available). Luckily I had just finished my Make Up For Ever eyeliner... :) So, without any further due - let's begin!


I only had one highlighter before and there was barely any left of it, so this was a great occasion to stack up on, and, of course, try out some new ones. I didn't really go for anything too expensive, but I'm really happy with what I chose.

Wibo is a Polish brand, but it's available in some neighbouring countries as well (Germany for example). They also have an online shop and ship their products all over Europe. Wibo owns Lovely - I'm pretty sure it's one of their brands.

I have to say - I love all of the highlighters I bought. Of course, I didn't get to use them too much yet, but just from swatching and trying it on my face once or twice, I'm really happy I picked them up. I have to add - the packaging is a little "cheap" on all of them, but it's the product that counts, and as long as it doesn't fall apart, I'm totally fine with it.

Gold Highlighter by Lovely

This one it probably my favourite. The shade is really pretty and it can give a really strong highlight, as well as a softer effect. It does fade a little after 4-5 hours, but remains visible. It is also said to be a dupe for the famous Many Lou Manizer by The Balm, which was the main reason why I wanted to try it out so badly. I also have the Silver Highlighter by them and enjoy it a lot, but there's barely anything left (and I had it and used every day I wore make up for almost a year!). I think I might like the Gold Highlighter just a little bit better than the Silver one though.

Je T'aime2 by Wibo

Technically it's two products - a face powder and a highlighter. This is why you can see three swatches on the picture below - one of each powder and both mixed together. I like mixing both shades together for a softer highlight effect on the tops of my cheeks, but you can always make it more or less strong just by picking up more of a certain shade. I really like it as well, the highlight it gives is really pretty and it holds up for a pretty long time as well. What is more, I looove the smell. I can't really descibe it, but it reminds me a little of the way Bourjouis Healthy Mix products smell. It would probably be a favourite if it wasn't so soft. Yes, it's amazingly nice to the touch, but because of that, it breaks super eastily. You can even see it being a little broken on the picture above, and it happened somewhere in between me buying it at the store and opening it for the first time at home.

Glamour Shimmer by Wibo

This one disappointed me a little. Unfortunately it's too dark to be a highlighting powder for my skintone. Nonetheless I think it's a really pretty taupe shade, and I can see myself using it on the eyes.

I don't want to make this post too long, so I'm going to stop here for today. The rest of the haul is coming soon! I will link all the other parts below as soon as they're up. Thank you to anyone, who read this! ;)

PART 1 ❤︎ PART 2 ❤︎ PART 3 ❤︎ PART 4

Sending my love,

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  1. Napisze komentarza po polsku mam nadzieje, ze wybaczysz , ale odnośnie tych rozswietlaczy co kupiłaś to juz po pierwszym machnięciu pędzlem można poznać ze sa cudne:)! Tez sie skupiłam i jestem zadowolona :)!

    1. Oczywiście, że możesz pisać po polsku :D W ogóle wieeeelkie dzięki za przejrzenie i komentarza <3

  2. Those highlighters are soooo pretty! Your reviews make me want to buy them haha. Anyway, great post! Looking forward to the next ones :))

    1. You can always buy them when you come back to Poland :3 They're very affordable.


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