First make up haul - Sephora & Rossmann (drugstore) PART 3: EYE PRODUCTS + BRUSHES

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Time for part 3 of my huge haul! This time - eye products.


As I already mentioned before - I have just run out of my eyeliner from Make Up For Ever. I still have an eyeliner from Essense, but I realized I don't really like pen liners and decided to take advantage of the sales and pick up some more to try.

From top to bottom...

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner

The only black liquid liner I picked up. I haven't tried it on my eyes yet, but on my hand it seemed to be really pigmented and black (which is what I was looking for), just like the name suggests - the shade is called Blackest Black. It has a small felt tip that dips into the products inside of the "bottle", which is why it reminds me of the Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner that I had before.

Lovely Eye Liner Matte

This one I have tried on my eyes, once. It has a brush applicator. The product itself is a little watery, which is why it doesn't apply evenly on the first try, but after I applied another "coat" it did seem even. It also really is matte and the colour is really vibrant. I will continue trying it and maybe update you later :). Oh, and the colour doesn't have a name, but it's navy blue.

Eveline Cosmetics Celebrities Eyeliner

Eveline is a Polish brand, but you can buy their products in many different countries all over the world, USA included.

I have tried this liner a few times now. Maybe not enough to know if I love it, but it made a good first impression. It's easy to apply (has a really small, slim brush applicator - I love those!), very pigmented and stayed nice all throughout the day. The colour I picked up is supposed to be brown, but when it dries, it looks more black than some black eyeliners I have tried. This disappointed me a little, because I really wanted to try a brown liner on my eyes, but well, now I have a good black liner (at least I hope it's good), so I guess it's not that bad.

Rimmel London ScandalEyes Eyeshadow Stick

This one disappointed me the most out of all the liners I bought. I thought I would use it in my waterline, and I did once, but it didn't impress me. I don't think it was visible enough. I am going to give it another try, maybe it will be fine for a really natural look (I'm used to using a straight up white liner). I have also tried it on my eyelid (as it claims to be an eyeshadow stick), but it was a little patchy and even after covering it with a similar eyeshadow, I was not too happy. I'm going to try it again and again and maybe find a way to like it, and I will update you as soon as I do! The shade is 002 Bulletproof Beige.


I have also bought two make up brushes, on the sale in Sephora. These are Sephora Collection brushes - 73 Crease Shadow and 60 Must-Have Powder Shawdow. I really wanted to try Sephoras brushes, as I have heard some good things about them (not these in particular though), I was also looking out for that kind of a crease brush for a long time now. I really believe good brushes are a super important tool to have, so I like investing and trying out some new ones from time to time. I have to say, my favourite brushes I have ever tried are Ecotools brushes - they are not expensive and very good quality. These I have only tried once and don't really know what I think about them yet.

So this is all I have for today. The last part of the haul - face and lips - is coming soon, so stay tuned! Also, all the other parts of the haul are listed below. Thank you so much for reading and see you in my next post! xoxo

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Sending my love,

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  1. You really sound like a famous youtube beauty guru haha :) It's a compliment though! Really enjoyed this post, mainly because I also have lots of interest in eyeliners (and it's always difficult to find a perfect one). Oh, and it would be great if next time you could include prices of the products :)

    1. Good point, I will be doing that in the future ;) Thanks a lot! And thank you for reading <3


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