Review #1: New Look Pure Colour Nail Polish

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After a long break, finally I found some time to write a new blog post. Today I want to talk about a nail polish that, spoiler alert, I really love. It's the Pure Colour Nail Polish from New Look. So, if you're interested, just keep reading ;).

The shade I have is called 15 Biscuit. It's a very light, beigey grey colour, but in some lighting it looks almost white. I picked it up last summer in the New Look store, but I wasn't using it too often. Maybe because I originally wanted a white polish and even though I deliberately chose this one, I was a little disappointed. I started using it again this month and I painted my nails with it three times in a row, which never happens!

It has a big, wide brush, which allows you to apply polish in almost just one swipe. This saves a lot of time, and I love these kinds of brushes. What is more, it's really creamy, pigmented and not streaky at all. You could almost get away with just one layer.

One layer of polish

What I love the most about this nail polish is it's staying power. I love it when I can paint my nails and not worry about them any more for a week, and that's the case with this one! Of course, I used a base and top coat, as I usually do (I use 8in1 Total Action Intensive Nail Conditioner from Eveline as my base coat and In A Snap Quick-Dry Topcoat from Orly), but I didn't see any chipping until day 8 of having it on my nails. That, the pigmentation, the wide colour range and the price is the reason I totally recommend it!

Day 1
I give: ●●●
Price: 14 zł (3,53$)

Day 7
That is all I have for today! I hope you enjoyed and see you in my next post!  xoxo

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