Mini haul: getting ready for the summer!

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Hello everyone!

After my exam season is finally finished, I'm going for a trip with my boyfriend. We're going to climb some mountains and maybe catch a little bit of sunshine on a beach near the sea. With that in mind, I did some shopping, to prepare for the trip. And today I want to share my mini haul with you!

It even looks summery just lying on the floor like that, doesn't it? Unfortunately I'm still on a no-buy, especially now, because I will be needing money for the trip. So I only bought things that I really needed, and, well, there were some. Let's start with some fashion bits I picked up!


First of all, I needed a hat. I have been thinking about buying one of those beautiful huge hats I've been seeing all over social media. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a perfect one for me, and, to be honest, I was a little afraid I would look ridiculous in it. This one caught my eye despite being a little smaller - I really like it. It's tiny bit too big, but thanks to that it fits on my head even when I have a pony tail, and I figured it wouldn't squeeze my hair too bad and make it stick to my head. Also, because it's a straw hat, it really screams summer to me.

Price: 45,90 pln ($11,91) in Stradivarius

This is probably my favourite thing in this haul. I really needed some shorts, I've left all of mine at home, in Vilnius. And I love shorts - you're not too hot, you get to show off some legs and you don't have to worry about showing your panties too, like when wearing a skirt ;). These are super soft and very comfortable - I'm so in love! They are high waited, which I'm so happy about, and they're not too short (no butt falling out). Plus they're just beautiful and will go with pretty much anything.

Price: 49,90 pln ($12,95) in Bershka

Skincare (?)

It's a Ziaja Sopot Sun cream with SPF 50+. I'm not looking for any more wrinkles or freckles, so I'll be needing that high protection! It also claims to have vitamin C in it, has a weird light yellow color and smells kinda like a Nivea cream - and I like it. What is more, it's pretty small and thin, so it won't take too much space.

Price: 14,99 pln ($3,89) in Rossmann

I burn pretty easily, so same goes for my body - I'll be needing that! It's an SPF 30 cream by the brand Sun Ozon. Unfortunately, I can't understand anything that is written on the packaging, but I see 24 hours, 30 and UVA + UVB and that's good enough for me.

Price: 8,99 pln ($2,32) in Rossmann

As I don't have any body moisturizer and my face cream is pretty huge, I was looking for something I would be able to moisturize everything with. And I've found it. I haven't tried it yet (obviously), but it claims to be suitable for your body, face and hair. It's a Precious Peach Oil by Bielenda. Reading the ingredients I've also found many other olis apart from peach oil, like soybean oil, marakuja oil or palm oil. I have no idea if they are good for you, but I decided to go for it. It smells like peaches and seems to sink in pretty quickly.

Price: 16,79 pln ($4,34) in Rossmann

I have run out of my micellar water by Bioderma some time ago (coming soon in empties post) and I really love using those to refresh my skin in the morning and to remove my make up in the evenings. And especially as I don't want to take my whole bathroom with me for the trip, I decided to pick it up and use it as my morning and night face cleaner. It's an Moisturizing Micellar Liquid for Cleansing and Make Up Removing 3in1 Plasma Repair Complex by Bielenda.

Price: 9,49 pln ($2,45)

Make up

I've only picked up one make up item and it's this True Match concealer by L'oreal. I really wanted to try it, as it's said to be amazing, and this was a perfect occasion. I'm not going to take any foundation on my trip and will only stick to concealer for my skin - I don't think I would be willing to spend almost an hour doing make up in the mornings. Mine is in the shade 2 Vanilla and it's a pretty good match.

Price: 23,99 pln ($6,21)

So that is all I have bought! It's not much, but I hope you enjoyed reading anyways. If you want to see any photos from my trip, make sure you're following me on Instagram, as this is where I'll be posting those. This is also where you can see me wearing some of the clothing items and make up I'm talking about here. Also, please tell me what you think! What else do you want to read about? I'm not running out of ideas, but it would be nice to know I'm doing something that you want to see :). Anyways, thank you so much for reading and have a great day! See you in my next post! xoxo

Sending my love,

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