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Hi guys!

Today I decided to share with you my go-to everyday make up look. This is something that I choose to wear when I have to wake up at 6 in the morning, I can barely see because I'm so sleepy and I really don't wanna think about it. So I have created my own make up routine - I have all the products I need in a separate basket, so that I don't have to go through my entire collection every single time. Who would want to do that at 6 in the morning?! Not me. Of course, I do change things up from time to time, but this is the general idea and what I have been doing for the past month.

Oh, and yes - this means you get to see my bare face for the first time. Not entirely make up-less though, I just don't have my eyes done ;).

List of everything I wore on my face:

  • Catrice Prime and Fine Smooth Refiner
  • Sephora Collection Teint Infusion foundation in 12 Ecru
  • Maybelline Fit Me concealer in 10
  • Ingrid Ideal Skin concealer in 10
  • Catrice Allround concealer palette
  • Bourjois Healthy Balance powder in 52 Vanilla
  • Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer in Medium/Dark
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush in 020 Pink Rose
  • Lovely highlighter in Gold
  • Catrice Brow Stylist pencil in 020 Date with Ash-Ton
  • L'oreal Brow Artist Plumper in Light/Medium
  • Avon Eyeshadow Base in Light Beige
  • Avon eyeshadow in Classic Canvas

So this is me with no eye make up on. Please don't make fun of me :). I wanted to show you the "before", so you can see what difference it makes when we're done.

The first part is mostly eye contouring. This is basically creating shadows and making the eyelid more 3D.

1. I'm adding a medium brown all over my crease. This deepens the crease (even though I have a defined crease, I still like to do this and think it looks better this way) and is going to be a transition shade for the darker brown I add later - it will make it look more blended. I'm also applying the same shadow on my lower lashline.

2. I'm applying dark brown into the crease, where I want it to look deeper and more defined. I'm also adding this in the outer part of my lower lashline. As a finishing touch, I added a shimmery bronze shadow in the outer third of my lid, but it's not a necessary step, I rarely do this. It doesn't even look that shimmery on my lid as it does on the swatch.

3. Now I'm just applying my lid shade all over my eyelid. I'm using Lovely highlighter in Silver.

4. Now I'm adding eyeliners - brown liquid liner on my top lid and white eyeliner in my waterline. I'm also highlighting my inner corner with the same highlighter I used on my lid.

5. The last step is mascara! As you can see, makes a huge difference :).

These are the shadows I have been using lately. It's an Avon eyeshadow quad in the shade Mocha Latte. If you know how Avon packaging looks like now you might recognize it's the old version :). I'm also trying to use up my Lovely highlighter in Silver, so I'm using it as a lid color. I think it looks really pretty.

Here you can see my Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara in Noir/Black (love it!), my Sephora Collection Nano Eyeliner in 03 Pure White and Eveline Cosmetics Celebrities eyeliner in brown.

I also thought I would share some similar shadow options from popular make up palettes, so here we go:

Urban Decay Naked palette: Naked for the crease, Buck to darken it up and Sin/Virgin on the lid and to highlight the inner corner. Sin is one of my favorite shadows of all time!

Lorac Pro palette: Taupe in the crease, Espresso to darken it up and Nude/Champagne on the lid and to highlight the inner corner.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette: Milk Chocolate for the crease, Semi-Sweet to darken it up, Marzipan on the lid and Champagne Truffle to highlight the inner corner.

With a look that is so neutral, I feel like any lipstick would look great. This is one of the reasons I like it - I can choose whatever lipstick I want and even change it up during the day. But here are some lip options I chose, top to bottom:

  • Essence Long Lasting Lipstick Nude in 02 Porcelain Doll
  • L'oreal Color Riche Extraordinaire liquid lipstick in 600 Nude Vibrato
  • Catrice Ultimate Stay lipstick in 030 Wood You Love Me
  • Kiko Milano Smooth Temptation lipstick in 04 English Rose
  • NYX Butter Lipstick in Big Cherry
I have to say, I don't really like the Essence one. Not because of the formula, as I have the same lipstick in a different color and I absolutely love it, but because the color is too light. I don't know what I was thinking while buying it. I might use it to highlight the center of my lips, or maybe with a darker lip liner, but I certainly don't like it alone. I also have mixed feelings about the L'oreal one, as it's a super sticky gloss and it's a little annoying (but maybe it lasts longer because of that), and I don't really wear the red one from NYX, as I don't think it suits me and because it's a buttery formula, I'm always afraid it will smear all over my face and I wouldn't notice. But the other two are my ultimate favourites and I wear them all the time. Here you can see how I look wearing each and every one of them:

And... that is finally all for today. Let me know what you think about everything! How do you like the look? The swatches? Which lipstick looks the prettiest? How was your day? Are you a nude or a red lips girl?  Boy? I wanna know everything! xoxo

Sending my love,

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  1. Pretty look! I use my Maybelline fit me concealer everyday too! My naked 1 palette is my go to! I I wish I grabbed for my Lorac pro palette more but I just don't!


    1. Thank you so much for commenting ♥ I don't really use any of my bigger palettes on an everyday basis (unless I have more time and can really play with make up) either, a quad is just easier for an everyday use, I feel :)

  2. Wow, your makeup is so beautiful! :)


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