Review #2: Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 eyeshadow palette

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Today I'm going to talk about an eyeshadow palette I have recently purchased. It is by Makeup Revolution and it's called Redemption Palette Iconic 3. It is said to be a dupe for the famous Naked 3 by Urban Dacay and it is the main reason why I decided to buy it.

What do I think of it?

First of all, it's absolutely beautiful. I though the same thing about the Naked 3 and it actually drew me to it. The pans in this one are larger than in the original, and they are longer, but it contains less products - MUR palette is 14g and UD says 12 x 1,3, which is 15,6g. I don't think it makes a big difference thought or that it matters. It's really unlikely to use up 100% of a palette anyways.

What else can I say? The packaging is plastic, but it's really pretty and feels sturdy. It also comes with a typical sponge applicator, but I'm not going to use it, so I removed it from my palette.

How are the shadows?

As you can probably tell just by looking at the swatches, I will not be complaining about the pigmentation - it's beautiful. I only had some hard time swatching the lightest, creamy white shade, but I only use these kind of colors to set my primer anyways, so I'm not mad at it at all. There are 4 matte shades - 1st (white), 4th and 7th (lighter and darker mauve) starting from the top. The rest is either shimmery or has a slight sheen.

If you're on the market for some pink, rosy eyeshadows, I think this palette is great for you. It performs beautifully on the eye, lasts me all day and is super affordable. Also, if you want to see any looks using this palette, just tell me.

How does it compare to my other eyeshadows?

Top to bottom: Gold from Lorac Pro palette, MUR eyeshadowHalf Baked from Naked 1 palette by Urban Decay, Creme Brulee from the Chocolate Bar palette by Too Faced
The one shadow that really stood out to me is the golden shade, so I decided to compare it with my other golds. As you can see, it's much more rosy than the rest, which is great - I have no other shadow like it.

Top to bottom: Champagne from the Lorac Pro palette, Champagne Truffle from my Chocolate Bar palette, MUR eyeshadowSin from my Naked palette and Marzipan from the Chocolate Bar
I'm really in love with the light pinky highlight shade from the palette, so I tried comparing it to some other eyeshadows that looked similar to me. Again, it's one of a kind. I feel like Champagne by Lorac is similar, but it's not as shiny.

Top to bottom: MUR eyeshadowMauve from my Lorac Pro palette
And here I'm comparing the darker matte mauve from the palette and Mauve by Lorac. Again, it's obviously more rosy, the Lorac shadow is much more neutral. I love that I can't find any dupes for this palette in my collection - this means I didn't waste my money on something that I've already had.

So would I recommend it?

Yes, absolutely. If you want to add these kind of shades to your collection, you want to try something new and not spend tons of money, I say go for it. It's a beautiful palette, it's good quality and you're not going to break the bank buying it.

Price: 19,90 pln ($5,21)

I give: ●●●

I really hope you enjoyed this review and maybe found it helpful. There may or may not be more reviews coming soon ;). Once again, if you're reading this, please leave me a comment, that would make my day! You don't even have to write anything, just copy and paste this: ❤. Anyways, have a great day, see you in my next post!

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