EMPTIES #3: Catrice, AA, Neutrogena...

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Today's post is going to be, again, empties! Yes, I've just did a blog post about that, but if you've read it, you know that I had to split it into parts. And here is the promised part two.

AA Cosmetics Hydro Algae Pink Facial Toner

Let's start with something I loved a lot. I have mentioned it in my May favourites, I've finished it a long time ago, and I still miss it and think of it sometimes. That should tell you how much I loved it. It made my skin feel great, more clean, moisturized (I'm all about that), and it smelled amazing.

I give: ●●●●●●●●●●

Would I repurchase? Absolutely!

Price: 17,00 pln ($4,30)

Catrice Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner

Another products that was already mentioned on this blog, this time in THIS post, about the make up I want to finish up. It's a face primer - a silicone based one. I enjoyed using it, but not too much and I'm happy I'm done with it. The container is great for traveling - I just put a product I want in there and I'm good to go. It's small, sturdy and closes nicely.

I give: ●●●●●●○○○○

Would I repurchase? I don't think so, I would prefer trying something else.

Price: 17,79 pln ($4,48)

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Cream Wash

I really enjoyed the scent of this product, but, unfortunately, not the consistency. It was too gentle, I would prefer something foaming or grainy. Because of that reason I would love to try a Face Wash from this range. I also used and loved the Daily Scrub.

I give: ●●●●●●●○○○

Would I repurchase? No, because I felt it didn't do enough.

Price: 21,29 pln ($5,36)

Biały Jeleń Hypoallergenic Shampoo with clean cotton

I chose this shampoo because it's hypoallergenic and gentle. My dad used it when he had allergies and I tried it back then and loved this, so I decided to buy it for myself. It did a good job, was nice to my hair even though didn't do anything special, and smelled really nice. It's also affordable. It didn't last me very long though.

I give: ●●●●●●●○○○

Would I repurchase? Yes! I don't expect much from my shampoos, only my conditioners.

Price: 8.99 pln ($2,26)

Le Petit Marseillais Mandarin & Lemon Shower Gel

Le Petit Marseillais make some of my favorite shower gels. When I first tried one of their products, I was amazed by the intensity of the scent. This was no exception, I enjoyed every drop of it :)

I give: ●●●●●●●●●●

Would I repurchase? Yes, I've repurchased different scents many times now and will continue to do so :)

Price: 9,79 pln ($2,46)

And that is all I have for today. I'm sorry if it feels rushed, but unfortunately it is. I wish I had more time to really review every single product, but I tried to give you a general idea of what I think of them. Anyways, thank you so much for reading! That is the last post that I managed to pre-write, so please forgive me if there's nothing new on this blog for a while now. I will do my best to write something, but I can't make any promises.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll see you in the next one! xoxo

Sending my love,

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