Review #3: L'oreal Colour Riche Extraordinare Liquid Lipstick

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Hello everyone!

I know it's already Autumn (which I still can't believe) and usually it's the time of year when we tend to wear darker, vampier colors on the lips, but there's still Summer in my mind and I go for a peachy gloss. Besides, nudes are always in and not everyone likes drying matte lip colors, you sometimes have to go for something easier to wear. You might be wondering why am I telling you all this? Well, I'm trying to justify myself, because today I'm going to review a nude peachy gloss by L'oreal.

 As you can already tell from the title, this is a Colour Riche Extraordinare Liquid Lipstick in 600 Nude Vibrato. First of all, let's look at the packaging. I think it's gorgeous - very shiny and gold, with a little "window" showing you the color of the product inside. It's not actually showing you WHAT'S inside, but it's pretty damn close.

What I also like about the packaging is that even though I've had this for quite some time now, you wouldn't be able to tell - it looks new. Not a single scratch, plus the name hasn't rubbed off. It's also small and just nice to look at.

It has a doe foot applicator with a small dent that it surprisingly useful. It helps you scoop out more of the lipstick, so you don't have to go back for more. I find it to be very comfortable to use, it's soft and the size of it is... good. I don't have anything bad to say about it.

Now let's talk about the product itself. It claims to be liquid lipstick, but don't be fooled - it's not the kind of a liquid lipstick you might be used to with the latest trends. It's not matte by any means, quite the opposite - it's infused with oils and very shiny, like a gloss. That's why I was talking about glosses in the beginning of this post. Because of that it's also not as long wearing, it will fade within a few hours, it will also transfer and disappear when you drink or eat. Because it's quite thick, it will stay longer than a normal gloss would. What is more, it has a pretty good pigmentation.

It has a sweet scent that my friend said reminded her of peach, which would make sense as the shade is peachy :). It's easy to apply, doesn't streak, but if you apply too much it might look cakey and weird. Less is more with this one - it will look beautiful if you just don't go cray cray with the amount. I also find it comfortable to wear, although, again, if you apply too much, you will be able to feel it on the lips plus it might get sticky and I don't really enjoy that. In addition, it will moisturize your lips.

As for the color itself, it's a very pretty nude. I've been really enjoying wearing it this whole week, it went well with any eye look I came up with and added a little "summer", at least in my mind. Although, I don't think it's only summer appropriate, you can totally wear this color all year round, and I probably will. Besides, my mom says it's beautiful, and she's very picky with lipstick :).

Price: 56,59 pln ($14,73)

It is quite expensive in my opinion and I would not buy it for the full price (yes, I bought it on sale). I'm sure there are many cheaper options in the drugstore that are just as good, and I will tell you as soon as I find them (or you can just tell me in the comments). I'm thinking of these, for example, by Essence, that are just 10,99 pln ($2,86).

Overall, it is a beautiful, but expensive lipstick. Of course, you might compare it to Mac or Sephora prices and it probably will not look so bad then, but I'm a huge believer that you can get amazing lipsticks for a cheaper price. I wouldn't recommend it if you're on a budget, I would invest in a more expensive foundation or an eyeshadow palette instead. But if you can afford it and want to - totally go for it, it's gorgeous.

I give: ●●●●●●●○○○

Here you can see me wearing it :).

And that is all I have for today. I really hope you enjoyed today's review and will come back for more. Also, please leave me a comment and share your thoughts about this lipstick or anything at all!

Sending my love,

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