Empties #4 + disappointing products

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Hello everyone!

After showing you how much I bought lately, I decided it's the time to get rid of some stuff I finished or just don't like at all. That's why it's not just traditional "empties", I'm also including some products that I haven't finished, but I know I won't be using them anymore, because they just didn't work for me for one reason or another.

As usually, I'm dividing everything into categories. I'm also going to tell you if I would buy certain products again and why.


Uoga Uoga Bling Bling hair mask/serum

If you've read my montly favourites post, you already know what I think about it. Yes - I absolutely loved it. It was one of the best hair masks I ever used. It smelled like coconut, and was a mixture of coconut oil as well as some other oils that are good for your hair and vitamins. It was a pleasure to use and made my hair feel very soft and silky afterwards. I used it as an overnight mask when I knew I'm going to wash my hair the next morning.

Would I buy it again? I would probably try other oils on my hair, that are much cheaper, but if I get the opportunity to buy it on sale, I would love to have it again.

Avon Foot Works Beautiful Heel Softening Cream

It's a very old foot cream that I just decided to finally finish up. I'm not sure if you can even buy still buy it, so I'm not going to talk about too much. It was okay, I'm moving on to my other one.

Would I buy it again? No. A - I probably can't, b - it didn't blow my mind, I would prefer trying something else.

Delia Argan Oil 100% Face & Neckline Serum

It was basically a 100% argan oil. I wouldn't call it a serum, serums usually have a thin consistency and sink right into the skin, and this one was heavy and stayed there. But not in a bad way, I enjoyed using it. It moisturized my skin beautifully, I liked using it on top of my night cream, to seal in the moisture. If I still had it, I would probably try using it mixed in with my foundation, although it might look too oily - I don't know. What I didn't like is the misleading name (it should just be called "oil") and how small it was.

Would I buy it again? Probably not. I would try other serums that are really serums and buy 100% argan oil (or any other oil) separately.


Holika Holika Petit BB Clearing

I have finally got tan enough to use it up - so I did. I think it's a very nice bb cream - it's not only moisturizing (and apparently clearing) but it also has amazing coverage. I was really surprised when I first tried it. It feels nice on the skin, smells amazing and is pretty affordable. The only downfall is it's too dark for me when I'm my true white self.

Would I buy it again? I have so many foundations now that no, I would most definitely not buy it again now. I also want to try many other ones, so I don't think so. But I still think it was a nice bb cream and I recommend it.

Eveline Cosmetics Celebrities Eyeliner in Brown

I'm pretty sure it appeared in my favourites. I was very amazed with this liquid liner, especially for the price. I love the small brush, it was also very pigmented, easy to work with and stayed looking good all day.

Would I buy it again? Definitely, yes. I might try some other ones but I am sure I will come back to this one - it's so affordable and so nice, it's almost ridiculous. Love it, 100% would recommend.

Lovely Highlighter in Silver

I know the packaging says Gold, but it's because the cap of my Gold one broke, so I replaced it with this one's. It was my first highlighter ever and I was very happy with it - it was super nice. Nonetheless, out of the two, I think I like the Gold version better. Formula vise, it's a quite pigmented highlight that stayed all throughout the day on my skin.

Would I buy it again? No. I have the Gold version now and it's what I would repurchase. If you prefer a more cool toned highlight though - totally go for it.


These are the products I have not finished up, but I'm not going to anyway. I will either toss them or give them out to my friends, if they like them.

Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer

This is kind of a mascara primer, you put it on before your mascara and it's supposed to make your lashed more curled and voluminous. I think it does that and this is not why I'm disappointed with it. Why I don't like it is that it's super hard to remove. I never buy anything waterproof, because I like my make up to wash off easily, without any effort or pulling on my skin. And with this one, I really had to almost scrub my eyes to get it off. That's why I'm not going to use it again and I will just give it to someone that might enjoy it more.

Wet n Wild MegaProtein mascara

It's my first Wet n Wild product ever and it's not a good one. I'm not even sure if it's because of the formula, because the wand is so bad I couldn't make it look good in the first place. It's a dense bristle wand. It doesn't comb through the lashes to separate them, I also got it all over my eyelids - every time. Also it didn't do anything - didn't lengthen, didn't make my lashes more voluminous. I don't like it at all and I'm not going to use it again.

Lovely Eye Liner Matte

It's a very affordable and truly matte eyeliner. What I don't like about is how sheer it is. I had to apply several layers to make it look opaque. It was not terrible and with a little bit of effort I could totally make it work, but I didn't love it and didn't enjoy using it because of that reason. Also, as the summer is over, I'm not going to be using blue eyeliner anymore. And if I want to have one next season, I would prefer to just try something new.

And that is all I have for today. There is some stuff I threw away without showing you (I'm sorry:D), but I just didn't want to travel with my trash from country to country. Anyways, I really hope you enjoyed and will come back for more! Thank you so much for reading and see you in my next one! xoxo

Sending my love,

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