October Favourites 2016

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Hello everyone!

The month of October is coming to an end, so I decided it's time to share my monthly favourites with you. This month I don't have too many, not because I didn't like anything - because I wanted to mention only the things that truly made me feel excited to use them, and that I reached for all month long, or at least most of the time.

I have five products this month - one of which I forgot to include on the first picture (of course...). I'm sorry if the photos seem a little bit off, or maybe too cool toned. I've been playing with my backgrounds and stuff. I really liked how it looked while I was editing, but I'm not so sure now. I hope it's okay.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette

This one is probably not only a monthly favourite, but a yearly favourite (maybe). I didn't reach for it that often before, because it was so pretty and I didn't want to ruin it, but once I started... Holy moly! It's the perfect everyday eyeshadow palette. I'm pretty sure I could get rid of all of my other eyeshadows right in this moment and I'd be just fine. It has everything I need - a cream shade to set my eyelid or fix mistakes, a transition shade, a beautiful warm transition shade, a shimmery highlight, a cool toned gold (I realized I prefer it to my more warm golds), that Marzipan shade (a.k.a. the most beautiful eyeshadow I own), matte brown, shimmery browns... Let me just swatch my favourite shades for you.

I'm also absolutely in love with the formula. It seems a little powdery when you dip your brush into the pan (at least mine do), but it's totally fine with me, I can tap the excess off or whatever. What I love about them is how smooth and pigmented they apply. With some of my drugstore eyeshadows the colours just seem to blend into one shade that's in between, with these you can really see the colors on the eyes. Let me also mention the chocolate smell! It makes me melt a little every time I open this palette.

Banila.co Prime Primer Classic

I haven't really tried any high end primers and I'm guessing this one is pretty expensive (I got it as a gift, I have no idea - you can read my post about getting Korean make up HERE). It feels like a normal silicone primer, it's smooth, it smells nice. The reason why I love it is one day I tried not using it - and then I noticed the difference. I really think it makes my foundation apply much easier, makes my pores and fine lines less visible. Does the usual primer thing, I guess, but I'm really enjoying it. More then I ever enjoyed a primer, that's why I'm mentioning it.

L'oreal Infallible 24H-Matte foundation in 11 Vanilla

This one is another all time favourite. It's the best foundation I ever used, and this month I've been especially enjoying it. It's a full coverage, long-wearing beautiful foundation, that will apply easily and stay in place for a long time. I also feel like is makes products I put on top of it look better. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it in a Favourites post before, but that just tells you how awesome it is :).

And these two combined were my go-to combo for this month.

Rimmel and Kate Moss sculpting palette in 002 Coral Glow

Now here's something I picked up more recently. You can read my Autumn haul post HERE. I've been really trying to use it a lot to test it out properly before giving you any of my thoughts, and here we go. It's a favourite :). Like I've already mentioned in that other post, it's very subtle. It's not crazy pigmented, so if you like that, you're not going to love it. I love it, because it's easy to use for every day make up. 

Because it's so subtle, it's hard to mess up, and it also looks more wearable for the day time. I also think the contour shade is just the right colour and I absolutely love the blush. I'm not crazy about the highlight, as I like it to be more in-your-face, but I've been enjoying using it on top of a cream highlight. It's very pretty on it's own as well, it's just less than what I'm used to.

Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in 13 Marvelous Mauve

And my last favourite for this month is this liquid lipstick. It's one of the first liquid lipsticks I ever bought and, just like with the products mentioned above, I rediscovered it this month. You can see me wearing it on my Instagram (HERE, HERE). It's a very pretty pinky mauve shade, perfect for fall in my opinion. What I also love about it is how long it lasts on the lips. Unless you eat something oily, it will stay on your lips all day.

So that is all I have for today! I really hope you enjoyed this posts, please tell me if you did :). Also, have you tried anything I mentioned and if so, what did you think? Please stay tuned, as I have something fun prepared for my next post! Oh, and please tell me what you think of the photos! Have an awesome Friday night :).

Sending my love,

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