How I take care of my hair

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Hello everyone!

Apart from make up and skincare, I also like taking care of my hair a lot. I went through various phases, I even used to have very short hair, I also bleached my ends once (which damaged my hair a lot, would not recommend). I think nice hair is a very beautiful add to every look, no matter if you choose to style it or not. Now my hair is quite long and completely natural, even my bleached ends are long gone, and I love it that way. I'm also doing my best to make it look as beautiful and healthy as I can and I thought I could share some tips with you.

# First and probably most boring tip I can share is... eating healthy and drinking lots of water. It seems silly, but only after I started drinking enough water and eating more healthy was when I started seeing the biggest difference in my hair. Not only it became stronger and nicer to the touch, I even noticed some new baby hairs growing.

Dove Daily Moisture 2in1 Shampoo + Conditioner with Pro Moisture Complex; Pantene Pro-V Moisture Renewal Conditioner for dry, damaged hair

# Sleeping with a braid. Not only it's incredibly comfortable, as my hair is not getting everywhere and I can easily control where it is, but it also doesn't get all tangled up, stuck anywhere or pulled on. This prevents breaking your hair while sleeping or while brushing it out in the morning. Speaking of braids, I would also recommend choosing scrunchies that are soft, with no hard (plastic of metal) details.

# Dressing appropriately to the weather, which means wearing a hat during the winter (cold weather is bad for the roots), but taking it off when you're in a warm environment (like if you entered a shop, school or whatever), because getting your roots too hot is not good either.

Kallos Cosmetics Blueberry Revitalizing hair mask
# Washing your hair every other day, or even every two days. Washing it too often will strip your hair out of its natural oils, as a result making it drier and easier to damage. I also wash my hair with a intimate hygiene gel once every month, as it works as a peeling for your hair and will get rid of any product build up.

# Conditioning after every wash. I treat shampoo as sort of a hair soap, which is why I usually would choose something simple or even natural, I don't expect it to make my hair healthier, shinier or more voluminous. I expect my masks and conditioners to do so, which is why I never skip this step. What is more, I always choose moisturizing masks and conditioners, as my hair is mostly suffering from being too dry. I think this is the case with most people's hair, but you can of course use a conditioner of your choice.

Biosilk Silk Therapy Lite; L'oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil
# After washing my hair and conditioning, I will rinse  it with cold water (but not freezing cold!). This will help closing the cuticle of your hair, making it more shiny and less frizzy. Then I recommend carefully squeezing your hair out with a towel to dry it.

# Letting it air dry or drying your hair with cold air, if you have to use a hair dryer. Yes, it might look nicer when you dry it with a dryer, but drying it with hot air will damage it and make it easy to break.

Pantene Pro-V  Intense Regeneration leave-in conditioner, Aptechka Agafi Active Hair Growth serum
# I love using silicone based serums. They can be used to reduce frizz, they will also make my hair more "flexible", and as a result, make it not break as easily. Most importantly, I can see and feel the result immediately - my hair is softer and shinier after I use one of those.

# I would also recommend trying serums and leave-in conditioners. I really like using these as they feel like a refreshment during the day, they smell amazing and I really feel the difference after using the leave-in conditioner.

Bielenda Precious Peach Oil, Neutral Baby Skin Oil

# One of the most important steps in my opinion is coating your hair with oil the night before washing it (if you're washing your hair in the morning. If you do it in the evening, just a few hours before washing will do). This is what helped my hair the most, in my opinion. It moisturizes like nothing else and you will probably be able to see the difference after the first try, and even more after a month of consistently doing it. I would coat my hair with oil completely (sometimes I skip the scalp), put it in a braid and go to sleep like this. It's important that it's a real oily oil, not a dry oil or a silicone based serum. My favourite is linseed oil, but you can try any oil - coconut, argan, marakuja, you name it.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Light & Breezy Fresh

# Not overusing dry shampoo. I know, it's very tempting, as it's an easy way to have clean hair in just a snap, and it also adds volume and makes styling easy. The reason why I would not recommend it is that it's not actually that good for your scalp. If you managed to find anything that's really nice, good for you, but I know many people complain about dry shampoo making their scalp itchy or even loose their hair. This for me is enough of a reason not to use too much of dry shampoo. Yes, I still use it occasionally, but I make sure I use just a tiny bit - also because I feel like it work the best and looks the most natural if you don't use too much.

So that is all I have for today. I'm very sorry for not being active lately, I will do my best to write more blog posts this month! Nonetheless, I really hope you liked this post, please comment below if you did, or maybe if your have any questions - feel free to ask :). Also, stay tuned for some Christmas related posts coming up soon ;)

Sending my love,

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Drugstore lip products HOT or NOT (a.k.a my lipstick collection)

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Hello guys! How are you doing? ;)

As I've mentioned before, I'm a big believer that you can find products in the drugstore that are amazing and it's not necessary to spend huge amounts of money to have great make up. This inspired me to write today's blog post. I'm going to show you all of my drugstore lip products and tell you what I think is great, and what I think is not worth buying.

As you can see on the photo above, I'm dividing everything into categories. Also, obviously, I haven't tried everything available, so it's not an ultimate guide to drugstore lipsticks. But I have quite a lot of lipsticks and would like to share my experience with you - maybe some of you will find it useful.


#CLIO Lip Syrup in 6 Naked Rose - I have no idea why I included it on the photo, it's not drugstore nor even drugstore price. Let's just ignore that :). It's very nice though (and just look how beautiful is the packaging...).

#Avon Arabian Glow in Tan - it's not drugstore, but it is drugstore price, that's why I decided to include it in this post. Also, you can order from Avon in many countries all around the world. I'm not the biggest fan of these lipglosses, because of the applicator. It doesn't take much product out, so you have to go back a few times before you can really coat your lips with it. But other than that, I really like it. It's subtle and moisturizing, I like using it in the summer or on my no make up days. The colour is very natural and it smells amazing. Overall, there are better glosses out there, but this one is not the worst.
Would I buy it again? No. Also, I don't think you can actually get these anymore.

#Avon Glazewear Sparkle in Lavender - this one doesn't smell so good, I also don't really like the colour. But it's moisturizing, just like the other one. Probably not available anymore as well. Unfortunately I have no idea what are new lipglosses from Avon like.
Would I buy it again? No. NOT.

#L'oreal Colour Riche Extraordinare Liquid Lipstick in 600 Nude Vibrato - I've already done a review on this one, which you can read HERE. It's moisturizing, pigmented and stays on longer than an average lipgloss. It also smells amazing and the packaging is beautiful. I'm not a huge fan of lip glosses (as you can see by how little I have), but I really like this one.
Would I buy it again? When it's on sale - yes. HOT.

#Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother in 010 Sweet Caramel - moisturizing, comfortable and not really pigmented, but shiny. I enjoy it on no make up days or on top of liquid lipsticks to add shine and moisture, but it's nothing very special in my opinion. I also don't really like the fact that it's in a squeezy tube with a sponge tip applicator. It is very affordable though and it's not bad.
Would I buy it again? Not really, it didn't amaze me.


#Isadora Twist-Up Gloss Stick Moisturizing Lip Filer in 41 Paradise Punch - one of the first lipsticks I bought myself. It's a little more pricey, but it's very moisturizing (has a glossy finish) and easy to use, it's pigmented and stays on for a long time. Because it leaves a stain, a little bit of colour stays even after the lipstick has rubbed off. It smells amazing (like vanilla) and the packaging is user-friendly. The only downfall is that the writings rubbed off, but it's not the end of the world. It's also a little pricey. Because of the bright colour, I only use it in the summer.
Would I buy it again? Probably yes, but in a more everyday-appropriate shade :). It also makes me interested in other Isadora products.

#Kiko Smooth Temptation Lipstick in 04 English Rose - it's very easy to use, applies smoothly and evenly pigmented. It has a velvet finish and it's not very moisturizing, which is why my lips feel a little dry at the end of the day. What is more, it smells amazing and has a beautiful colour. A major downside in my opinion is how little you get - 1,2 g (0,04 oz).
Would I buy it again? Yes. I love it. HOT.

#Rimmel Colour Rush Intense Colour Balm in 710 Drive Me Nude - I've mentioned it in a disappointing products post HERE. It feels comfortable when you apply it, it also smells nice (I love lipsticks that smell like vanilla), the finish is quite nice too. I don't like the fact that it changes colour and after about 20 minutes of weartime it becomes pink. I barely wear it, it didn't blow my mind.
Would I buy it again? I don't think so, even though other colours may look better...


#Wet'N'Wild ColorIcon lipliner in 711 Chestnut - it's a new add to my collection and I was pleasantly surprised. It's smooth, very pigmented, applies nicely. It's also unusually long for a lip pencil (you can see that on the photo), so you get a lot for the price. If you don't like pencil liners (not automatic), this could be a downside, but I don't mind sharpening my lipliners.
Would I buy it again? Yes, it's good and very affordable. HOT.

#Eveline Max Intense Colour Lip Liner in 14 Nude - it applies very smooth and pigmented, and that's all I expect from a lip liner. It also has it's own sharpener (I don't use that though, it's not as good as a normal sharpener).
Would I buy it again? Yes, it's nice and affordable. HOT.

#Essence lipliner in 06 Satin Mauve - it's the old formula, with a silver cap. If you can get your hands on Essence liners with silver caps, I highly recommend them. The new formula is not as great. This one was my first lip liner and I was amazed. It's very smooth, pigmented, easy to apply. It's also a very pretty colour.
Would I buy it again? The silver cap - yes, totally. HOT.

#Essence lipliner in 12 Wish Me A Rose - this is the new formula - it's not as soft and doesn't apply as easily, you have to work harder to make it nice and pigmented. I was very disappointed.
Would I buy it again? No. NOT.


#Essence lipsticks in 02 Porcelain Doll and 07 Natural Beauty - the 02 shade is something I didn't wear too much after buying it, because I felt that it was too nude and uneven. However, I love how moisturizing it is, and with the right shade (like the 07), it looks beautiful. It's not full-coverage pigmented though, so I like wearing these on my more natural days. Nonetheless, I think these are amazing, I would like to try more shades and would totally recommend!
Would I buy it again? Yes. It's nice and super affordable. HOT.

#Catrice Ultimate Stay lipstick in 030 Wood You Love Me - I have to say, I was amazed when I first tried this baby. It's very smooth and comfortable, it's also nicely pigmented and smells nice.
Would I buy it again? Yes! HOT.

#Wet'N'Wild lipstick in Sand Storm - another hidden drugstore gem in my opinion. It's super pigmented and smooth, it's a pleasure to use and it's super affordable. The only downfall is it smells weird and the packaging is not the best.
Would I buy it again? Yes. HOT.

#L'oreal Infallible lipstick in 844 Molten Caramel - unlike any other lipstick in this category, this one, even though it's a regular lipstick, is long lasting. It somehow dries to a very weird finish - you don't feel it on the lips, it barely transfers and it stays on your lips for hours. It's also very pigmented and doesn't have a scent. What I don't like is that it feels like it has tiny glitter speckles that you don't even really see on the lips, but you can feel them.
Would I buy it again? Yes. HOT.

#Maybelline Color Sensational Matte in 930 Nude Embrace - this one is my baby. It's probably the first totally nude shade that I absolutely love. The formula is literally amazing - it's very pigmented, smooth, applies evenly and feels (and looks!) great on the lips. It also smells nice. Definitely a favourite.
Would I buy it again? Absolutely. HOT.

#Maybelline Color Whisper in 430 Coral Ambition - this one I don't love as much. It smells nice and the colour is pretty, but I don't really like the formula. I understand it's supposed to be something like a tinted balm, but I have tried better ones in the past. It applies unevenly and settles into the little lines of my lips. I do wear it in the summer, but I'm not crazy about it. At all.
Would I buy it again? No. NOT.

#Kiko Colour Click Lipstick in 01 Brilliant Pink - first of all, I love the packaging and how it opens. You have to click on the bottom of the lipstick, then it slides out and you can take the cap off. I also like the formula and the pigmentation. It's moisturizing, smooth and wears comfortably. Perfect summer colour in my opinion, which is also the reason why I haven't worn it in a while. Oh, and it doesn't have a scent.
Would I buy it again? Maybe. It definitely makes me want to try more products by Kiko.

#Nyx Butter Lipstick in Big Cherry - I wasn't crazy about it at first, because it was my first red lipstick and I didn't really feel comfortable wearing it. I still feel a little weird in red, but I'm getting over it. Anyways, it was not because the lipstick isn't good, I actually think it's very nice. It's very creamy and pigmented, super comfortable to wear. With a shade like that I would even be a little worried it will smudge all over my face, that's how creamy it is. Nonetheless, I think it's nice. Not my favourite though.
Would I buy it again? Not sure. I think I would prefer trying something different.


#Kobo Matte Liquid Lipstick in 405 Passiflora Tea - even though it claims it's matte, don't get fooled. It's not matte at all. Not even velvety - it looks like a straight up (pigmented) gloss. It also disappears pretty fast, looks weird while doing it and dries out your lips pretty bad. On a positive note, the colour is pretty and I'm crazy about the scent.
Would I buy it again? Definitely NOT.

#Golden Rose Longstay Liquid Matte Lipsticks in 03 and 10 - these, on the other hand, I absolutely love. They are crazy pigmented, apply smoothly with not skipping and are very long lasting. They also smell nice (kinda like Sephora Cream Lip Stains) and are very affordable. Definitely a hidden gem.
Would I buy it again? Yes! I want all the shades ;) HOT.

#Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid in 05 Nude Flush - once again, not matte at all. However, it applies nicely, smoothly and pigmented, wears quite nicely as well. The colour is pretty too. What I don't like is the lie on the packaging (;)), how it dries my lips out and I absolutely hate the scent. For me, it smells like some medication I used to take as a kid. Not a good memory.
Would I buy it again? No. NOT.

#Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams in 02 Stockholm and 05 Antwerp - the shade 02 is one of my favourite lipsticks I have, which says a lot. 05 is brighter than I thought it would be, which is the reason I don't reach for it as often. Still, I think the formula is great. It dries matte without drying your lips out (in my opinion - someone who's not used to matte lipsticks at all might think otherwise). They are also nicely pigmented, apply smoothly without skipping, and last a long time on the lips. And they smell amazing.
Would I buy it again? Yes! HOT.

These are all of my drugstore lipsticks. If you liked this blog post, please let me know in the comments! Maybe you'd like me to talk about some other category in this form? Blushes? Highlighters? I definitely have the most of lipsticks, but I have some more opinions I can share on other products as well. Anyways, I hope you're having a great day! See you in my next post! xoxo

Sending my love,

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First Impression: Smashbox "Light it up" Lipstick + Lip Mattifier Set

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Hello everyone!

Lately I've treated myself with a Christmas set from Smashbox - "Light It Up" Lipstick + Mattifier Set. It just got to my local Sephora, it looked like a steal and a girl working there said she's pretty sure it will be gone in just a few days. So I decided I need it.

It contains 6 mini Be Legendary lipsticks and a mini Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer. Full size of each individual product is 99 pln a piece, which is 25,38$, and for this whole set I paid 169 pln (43,32$). That's less than I would pay for two lipsticks and this is what made me buy it (apart from really wanting to try these). I know they are smaller than full size, but how often do I really go through a whole lipstick? Not that often.

Now let's finally talk about the lipsticks. In my mind these are three wearable shades and three bold ones. But depending on what you like and the season, you may categorize them differently. They are two nude shades (Famous and Primrose - my personal favourites for everyday), a pretty true red (Legendary - I hope it will make me wear red more often), a bright barbie pink (Inspiration - great for summer, I don't think I would wear it in the Fall or Winter seasons), a dark wine red (Fig - I love this one for this time of the year) and a bright neon purple (Tabloid - I have no idea how, but I really want to wear it, even though it's probably better for Spring and Summer).

I've been wearing these for a few days now, especially Famous and Fig, and I have an opinion I can share. Obviously it's still a first impression and not a review, but I can already tell I'm in love with these (so far). The formula is very comfortable to wear, doesn't skip or look weird on the lips in any way, wears off pretty evenly. They are also very pigmented. The Insta-Matte Transformer does make the lipsticks more matte, but it's not the kind of matte you would get from a liquid-to-matte lipstick. It also doesn't make it last any longer, so if that's what you expect, you will be disappointed. In that case I would just go straight for a matte liquid lipstick and not bother with the whole process of applying lipstick first and then the Insta-Matte on top.

All in all, I'm very happy that I bought this set, and I still think it's worth the price. I payed about 24 pln (6$) for a product and this seems reasonable to me. I wouldn't buy a full size lipstick though, as I prefer something more long lasting and when it comes to regular lipsticks like these, I still believe I'll find a hidden gem that is just as good in the drugstore. The Insta-Matte didn't really impress me (even though it mattifies beautifully), because I was maybe expecting a little too much. It would be great for someone who wants to try matte lips, but hates how drying matte lipsticks are. It makes your lipstick matte while still being moisturizing.

I think it's a great set for someone, who, like me, wants to try a bunch of Smashbox lipsticks. The price tag is nice and you get a lot of different shades to try. I would totally recommend checking it out.

That is all I have for today. I really hope you enjoyed today's blog post and if you did, please let me know in the comments section below. You can also tell me what you want to see me talk about next or just talk to me :). I would really appreciate that. Thank you for reading and see you in my next post! xoxo

Sending my love,

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