First Impression: Smashbox "Light it up" Lipstick + Lip Mattifier Set

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Hello everyone!

Lately I've treated myself with a Christmas set from Smashbox - "Light It Up" Lipstick + Mattifier Set. It just got to my local Sephora, it looked like a steal and a girl working there said she's pretty sure it will be gone in just a few days. So I decided I need it.

It contains 6 mini Be Legendary lipsticks and a mini Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer. Full size of each individual product is 99 pln a piece, which is 25,38$, and for this whole set I paid 169 pln (43,32$). That's less than I would pay for two lipsticks and this is what made me buy it (apart from really wanting to try these). I know they are smaller than full size, but how often do I really go through a whole lipstick? Not that often.

Now let's finally talk about the lipsticks. In my mind these are three wearable shades and three bold ones. But depending on what you like and the season, you may categorize them differently. They are two nude shades (Famous and Primrose - my personal favourites for everyday), a pretty true red (Legendary - I hope it will make me wear red more often), a bright barbie pink (Inspiration - great for summer, I don't think I would wear it in the Fall or Winter seasons), a dark wine red (Fig - I love this one for this time of the year) and a bright neon purple (Tabloid - I have no idea how, but I really want to wear it, even though it's probably better for Spring and Summer).

I've been wearing these for a few days now, especially Famous and Fig, and I have an opinion I can share. Obviously it's still a first impression and not a review, but I can already tell I'm in love with these (so far). The formula is very comfortable to wear, doesn't skip or look weird on the lips in any way, wears off pretty evenly. They are also very pigmented. The Insta-Matte Transformer does make the lipsticks more matte, but it's not the kind of matte you would get from a liquid-to-matte lipstick. It also doesn't make it last any longer, so if that's what you expect, you will be disappointed. In that case I would just go straight for a matte liquid lipstick and not bother with the whole process of applying lipstick first and then the Insta-Matte on top.

All in all, I'm very happy that I bought this set, and I still think it's worth the price. I payed about 24 pln (6$) for a product and this seems reasonable to me. I wouldn't buy a full size lipstick though, as I prefer something more long lasting and when it comes to regular lipsticks like these, I still believe I'll find a hidden gem that is just as good in the drugstore. The Insta-Matte didn't really impress me (even though it mattifies beautifully), because I was maybe expecting a little too much. It would be great for someone who wants to try matte lips, but hates how drying matte lipsticks are. It makes your lipstick matte while still being moisturizing.

I think it's a great set for someone, who, like me, wants to try a bunch of Smashbox lipsticks. The price tag is nice and you get a lot of different shades to try. I would totally recommend checking it out.

That is all I have for today. I really hope you enjoyed today's blog post and if you did, please let me know in the comments section below. You can also tell me what you want to see me talk about next or just talk to me :). I would really appreciate that. Thank you for reading and see you in my next post! xoxo

Sending my love,

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