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Hello everyone!

Apart from make up and skincare, I also like taking care of my hair a lot. I went through various phases, I even used to have very short hair, I also bleached my ends once (which damaged my hair a lot, would not recommend). I think nice hair is a very beautiful add to every look, no matter if you choose to style it or not. Now my hair is quite long and completely natural, even my bleached ends are long gone, and I love it that way. I'm also doing my best to make it look as beautiful and healthy as I can and I thought I could share some tips with you.

# First and probably most boring tip I can share is... eating healthy and drinking lots of water. It seems silly, but only after I started drinking enough water and eating more healthy was when I started seeing the biggest difference in my hair. Not only it became stronger and nicer to the touch, I even noticed some new baby hairs growing.

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# Sleeping with a braid. Not only it's incredibly comfortable, as my hair is not getting everywhere and I can easily control where it is, but it also doesn't get all tangled up, stuck anywhere or pulled on. This prevents breaking your hair while sleeping or while brushing it out in the morning. Speaking of braids, I would also recommend choosing scrunchies that are soft, with no hard (plastic of metal) details.

# Dressing appropriately to the weather, which means wearing a hat during the winter (cold weather is bad for the roots), but taking it off when you're in a warm environment (like if you entered a shop, school or whatever), because getting your roots too hot is not good either.

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# Washing your hair every other day, or even every two days. Washing it too often will strip your hair out of its natural oils, as a result making it drier and easier to damage. I also wash my hair with a intimate hygiene gel once every month, as it works as a peeling for your hair and will get rid of any product build up.

# Conditioning after every wash. I treat shampoo as sort of a hair soap, which is why I usually would choose something simple or even natural, I don't expect it to make my hair healthier, shinier or more voluminous. I expect my masks and conditioners to do so, which is why I never skip this step. What is more, I always choose moisturizing masks and conditioners, as my hair is mostly suffering from being too dry. I think this is the case with most people's hair, but you can of course use a conditioner of your choice.

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# After washing my hair and conditioning, I will rinse  it with cold water (but not freezing cold!). This will help closing the cuticle of your hair, making it more shiny and less frizzy. Then I recommend carefully squeezing your hair out with a towel to dry it.

# Letting it air dry or drying your hair with cold air, if you have to use a hair dryer. Yes, it might look nicer when you dry it with a dryer, but drying it with hot air will damage it and make it easy to break.

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# I love using silicone based serums. They can be used to reduce frizz, they will also make my hair more "flexible", and as a result, make it not break as easily. Most importantly, I can see and feel the result immediately - my hair is softer and shinier after I use one of those.

# I would also recommend trying serums and leave-in conditioners. I really like using these as they feel like a refreshment during the day, they smell amazing and I really feel the difference after using the leave-in conditioner.

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# One of the most important steps in my opinion is coating your hair with oil the night before washing it (if you're washing your hair in the morning. If you do it in the evening, just a few hours before washing will do). This is what helped my hair the most, in my opinion. It moisturizes like nothing else and you will probably be able to see the difference after the first try, and even more after a month of consistently doing it. I would coat my hair with oil completely (sometimes I skip the scalp), put it in a braid and go to sleep like this. It's important that it's a real oily oil, not a dry oil or a silicone based serum. My favourite is linseed oil, but you can try any oil - coconut, argan, marakuja, you name it.

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# Not overusing dry shampoo. I know, it's very tempting, as it's an easy way to have clean hair in just a snap, and it also adds volume and makes styling easy. The reason why I would not recommend it is that it's not actually that good for your scalp. If you managed to find anything that's really nice, good for you, but I know many people complain about dry shampoo making their scalp itchy or even loose their hair. This for me is enough of a reason not to use too much of dry shampoo. Yes, I still use it occasionally, but I make sure I use just a tiny bit - also because I feel like it work the best and looks the most natural if you don't use too much.

So that is all I have for today. I'm very sorry for not being active lately, I will do my best to write more blog posts this month! Nonetheless, I really hope you liked this post, please comment below if you did, or maybe if your have any questions - feel free to ask :). Also, stay tuned for some Christmas related posts coming up soon ;)

Sending my love,

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  1. Thank you! That was very helpful

    1. You're welcome, I'm glad you liked it ^_^

  2. Probably one of my favorite posts <3 Super informative and very helpful! I was really suprised when you mentioned washing your hair with intimate hygiene gel. Never heard about it before! Anyway, good job! <3

    1. Thank you!!! I'm very happy you find it helpful ^_^


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