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Hello guys!

Christmas is almost here, I can't believe it! And at the same time it makes me so happy. Personally, I did most of my Christmas shopping weeks ago, but I know there are people who have to do it last minute, for whatever reason (being it school, work, preference or just laziness). And for those of you, I prepared a little Christmas gift guide for beauty junkies in your life (your girls friends or yourself). You can also consider it my little Christmas wishlist :).

I'd like to point out that because I live in Poland, I'll be only mentioning products that you can buy here without additional effort (like shipping from over the sea). Also the prices will be different in different countries or even shops.


1. Sleek Make Up i-Divine eyeshadow palette. The one on the picture is "All night long", but I would recommend all of the Sleek palettes and I would love to get one. They are very affordable and amazing quality. Price: 39,99-45.00 pln ($9-10,50)

2. Milani Everyday Eyes Powder Eyeshadow Collection. The one in the picture is "Earthy Elements", but, just like with Sleek, I hear all of them are great. It's just that this one is my favourite. Price: 65,90 pln ($15,42)

3. The Balm Mary Lou Manizer highlighter. This one is so famous I probably don't even have to describe it. It's a cult classic and if your beauty junkie doesn't have it, she probably has in on her wishlist. Price: 89,90 pln ($21)

4. The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Mini Kit. Who doesn't love lipstick? I think giving (or getting) sets or mini lipsticks is a great way to try out the brand and different shades, without committing to a full size lipstick. Buying a set is also a great way to have a little gift for, in this case, six of your friends. Or three. Or two, depends on how you decide to divide it. Price: 129,90 pln ($30,40), which is 21,65 pln ($5) per lipstick.

5. Zoeva Pure Velours Lips. Another lipstick that I personally would love to try. The shade on the picture is "Blue Blood", the perfect red, as I hear. Price: 49 pln ($11,50)

6. Sephore The Delicate eyeshadow palette. A lot of people tend to avoid Sephora Collection products for whatever reason, but they are actually great quality in my opinion. This eyeshadow palette is beautiful, I hear it's good, the packaging is stunning and it's affordable. Price: 39 pln ($9)

7. Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar. Any chocolate lovers here? I think everybody loves chocolate, and it's even better, when it's a Chocolate Bar by Too Faced! I have the original Chocolate Bar and it's absolutely stunning. I wish I could get my hands on this one too! Oh, and I just have to mention how amazing they smell. Price: 189 pln ($44,25)

8. Zoeva Caramel Malange Eyeshadow palette. This one is a beauty and I hear all of the eyeshadow palettes by Zoeva are wonderful. I'm absolutely in love with this one, but they have quite a lot to choose from. Price: 95 pln ($22,20)

9. Sleek Make Up Solstice Highlighter palette. This baby has been on my wishlist for a while now, I don't even know why haven't I bought it yet (maybe because it's always sold out!). For anyone who loves highlight, this one is a must have. Price: 45.99 ($10,80)


1. Skin79 Watermelon Girl sheet mask. Sheet masks have been a big trend lately and for a reason, as they are usually much better at moisturizing than traditional masks (Koreans know how to moisturize!) plus it's just such an experience! You can choose any sheet mask on the market, as there are more and more, even in the drugstores. Price: 20 pln  ($4,70)

2. Sephora The Precious Fizz bath balls. For anyone who loves taking baths these will be at least a fun experience, as they are supposed to fizz and make the water sparkly, making it a truly festive bath! Price: 39 pln ($9,10)

3. Merci Handy You Are Hand'some set. I absolutely love giving sets for Christmas, as they usually are very pretty and festive. In this one you'll find an antibacterial gel and a hand cream. And who wouldn't find a use for those? Price: 40 pln ($9,40)

4. Tony Moly Mini Lip Balm. Once again, Asian brand surprised me with what you can do with the packaging. Isn't it just the cutest? They also smell amazing. Price: 29 pln ($6,80)

5. Tony Moly Magic Food Banana Hand Milk. Another cutie. I also hear this smells amazing and is actually a good hand cream! Price: 35 pln ($8,20)

6. Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Mask To Quench Skin's Thirst. I love hydrating masks and I hear many people raving about this one. Personally I wouldn't spend this much money on a mask for myself, but it would be great to get it as a gift. Price: 99 pln ($23,20)

7. Origins Gin Zing Energy Boosting Moisturizer. Another little something-something that I hear is amazing. I wouldn't spend this much money on something for myself, but if someone else would, I wouldn't be mad at all. Price: 99 pln ($23,20)

8. Clinique Pep Start TM eye cream. I love my eye creams and I'm constantly on a hunt for a new, better one. This one has some amazing reviews and a lot of people swear by it. Again, it's expensive, but if you can spend this amount of money on someone, I say - go ahead. Price: 99 pln ($23,20)


1. Yankee Candle. Or any nice smelling candle, actually. Girls love things that smell good and look pretty, and candles usually do both. I know I would be very happy if someone got me a Yankee Candle, especially a big one, cause that is pretty expensive. Price: 109 pln ($25,50)

2. Tangle Teezer. Most of the people who tried these little cute hairbrushes fell in love with them. I know I did. I can't even imagine going back to a normal hairbrush. It truly does what it says it does - it detangles my hair better than anything else. Some of them are also very pretty. I know there's even a gold one, so beautiful. Also, who doesn't need a hair brush?! Price: 34 pln ($8)

3. Stenders Bath Bombs. Not necessarily by Stenders, there are many brands that make those. I know I buy some for my mom every single year and she loves them. It's a great way to make your bathing experience even more relaxing and fun. I think they also have some skincare benefits, but don't quote me on that. Price: 15 pln ($3,50) per ball

4. The Original Beauty Blender. I know there are many cheaper dupes for this famous sponge, but, in my opinion, it's famous for a reason. I can't imagine doing my make up without it! I also am sure that whoever you'll gift it to, they will fall in love with it. And even if they already own it, you can still give them a new one, two Beauty Blender is better than one ;) (plus it's a tool that you have to replace one in a while). Price: 69 pln ($16)

5. Zoeva Pink Elements Classic brush set. This, or any other Zoeva brush set. Or even any other quality brush set. I think make up brushes, especially good brushes, are an amazing gift. They are often very expensive and some people may not want to spend an arm and a leg on some tools. But tools are very important and thus they are an amazing and a very practical gift for your make up junkie.

And that is all I have! I'm sure there are many other things that should be included, so feel free to add anything in the comments section below. Also, if you have any opinions on products mentioned, please share them with me and fellow readers ;).

I hope you're having an amazing week so far and see you in my next post!

Sending my love,

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