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Eveline Cosmetics Volumix Fiberlast mascara review

6:15:00 PM

Hello everyone!

Today I bring to you a short review of one of my favourite mascaras. You might have seen it listed in my descriptions of several of my Instagram posts. Also, I mentioned it in my last favourites post, so it's no secret. I think Eveline Cosmetics Volumix Fiberlast mascara is great.

First of all, the packaging is gorgeous. It's gold, shiny and looks almost luxurious. Also, none of the writings rubbed off so far, which I'm very happy about. It has a rubber wand with shorter bristles on one side and longer on the other. I love using shorter side to add volume to the base of my lashes. Because the bristles are so short, it won't get any of the masara on my lid. Then go in with the longer side to add lenghth and apply the product more generously.

The formula is holding up well all throughout the day. I haven't experienced any fall out or transfering onto the lid, it also holds the curl nicely. I've been using this mascara for a few months now and I'm very happy with it. I even started wearing no liquid liner sometimes, and that says a lot.
Overall, I would say it's a great option if you're currently on the market looking for a new mascara. It's only 15 zł (3,81$), and I would totally buy it again.

Here's an awkward photo of a before and after. Sorry for the awkwardness, but I just had to show you the difference!

That is all I have for today. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Have you tried this mascara? What is your favourite? Also, what do you want to see me review next? Tell me everything! 

Sending my love, 

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My favourite beauty Instagram accounts

3:28:00 PM

Hey guys!

Lately I've been obsessing over some beautiful Instagram accounts that I've discovered. This inspired me to share some love and talk about these accounts on my blog! I didn't want this blog post to be too long, so I decided to choose 5 girls that post creative, crazy, high fashion looks. And if you'll enjoy it, I might be posting more in the future! Let's get into it.

Rachel is a self-taught make up artist from Boston. She mostly posts close ups of her eye or lips. I love how her looks are always so colorful and bold. Also, her editing is just stunning. I love every single one of her photos.

This is the account that inspired me to write this post. I've just recently discovered Victorias profile and I immediately fell in love. Obviously, her looks are not really everyday appropriate, but they are amazing to look at and totally up my alley. I'm amazed by how creative that girl is.

Another account I'm obsessed with. Giulianna's looks are usually very colorful and dramatic, but the colors always go so well together, I have no idea how she does that. Also, that eyeliner game is so on point...!

Linda is also a make up artist, she even has her own make up line - LH Cosmetics. She posts various photos, but I especially enjoy her make up looks. Sometimes she goes more natural and sometimes really bold and creative, but everything looks good on her. I absolutely love her page.

Lizzie is a make up artist from Poland and her looks are also very bold and creative, and definitely not something you would go to work with. She also posts mostly eye or lip close ups and everything she posts is so different and amazing!

And...this is my profile. Not half as good as the other ones I recommended, but I would love you to go, check me out and maybe give me a follow ;). That is all I have for today. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed and will come back for more!

Did you like todays post? Would you like to see more of this kind? If so, be sure to let me know! I follow lots of amazing people on Instagram and would love to share them with you.

Sending my love, 


Minti shop haul

1:33:00 PM

Hello guys!

Recently I've broken my no-buy rule and placed and order in an online shop for some new make up. For my defence, I've actually needed some of these things, and then I just added some more to my cart to avoid paying for shipping ;)

I ordered from Minti Shop and was really pleasantly surprised by the service. Not only did it come very fast (I've ordered on Wednesday and got it on Friday), but it was also nicely packaged (pretty and secure!) and I even got a candy. It was not my first time ordering from Minti Shop and I loved it every time.

I've ordered 6 products, all pretty different and all new to me. If you want to see what it is, just keep reading.

1. Natura Estonica Hydrating Boost eye gel for normal to dry skin

Eye cream was the reason I started browsing online beauty shops. This one drawn my attention mainly because of the low pricetag - it's only 9,90 zł ($2,47). I was very surprised by its beautiful packaging, it definitely looks luxurious in my opinion! I'm going to use it for the first time today, I'm excited to see how it works out!

2. Makeup Revolution Oil Control Fixing Spray

I really wanted a new setting spray and this one drawn my attention. It looks pretty and was not expensive. My experience with Makeup Revolution products is quite good, so I'm very curious to try it! It was 25,00 zł ($6,24).

3. Essence Rock'n'doll Volume & Eye Opening mascara

I'm very happy with the mascara I currently have, but let's be honest, they don't last too long. This is why I decided to buy a backup. I've heard a lot of great things about Essence mascaras and decided I needed to try for myself. I wanted to get the Princess mascara, but it was unavailable, so I chose Rock'n'doll. I'm excited to try it, but I'm not going to open it until I finish up my Eveline Fiberlast Volumix. It was 11,99 zł ($2,99).

4. Nabla Goldust Dazzle Liner eyeliner in Klimt

I've heard so many good things about Nabla products, I just had to try one. I also really wanted to get an opaque, sparkly eyeliner and gold seemed like a perfect, neutral color that would also pack a punch if I use it right. I expected it to be more neutral, but it's very warm, almost with a hint of a red undertone. It's also darker than I thought it would be. Nonetheless, I think it's a beautiful eyeliner and the name "Klimt" just suits so well. It seemed to be separating a little, but it swatched fine after I gave it a little shake. I can't wait to do a look using it! It was the most expensive out of everything that I've bought and it costed me 44,90 zł ($11,22).

5. Golden Rose Longstay Liquid Matte Lipstick in 13

I was obsessed with most of the new shades of these beautiful lipsticks, I also absolutely love the formula and think it's one of the best that I've tried. So obviously when I saw it was on sale, I had to grab one. This shade is probably my favourite out of all of them. I saw Wiskola wear it on her Instagram and fell in love, so it was my first choice. The shade is called "13" and it's a beautiful, warm nude. I love this kind of shades and you can tell it just by looking at my collection, or by what I wear the most. So I don't think buying it was a waste of money (considering how many lipsticks I have), because I'll probably grab it on a every day basis. It was 17,91 zł ($4,47).

6. Nabla Liberty Twelve Customizable Palette

I really wanted to get one of those magnetic palettes for a long time now, so I could store my singles in it or depot products in broken packaging. Z palettes are pretty expensive, so I knew I had to look for something else. And I found this one. It claims it can store up to 12 eyeshadows (we'll see about that), it's black, sleek and has a clear top (lid?), so you can see what you're keeping inside. I fell in love at first sight. I can't wait to start depotting stuff. I haven't done it before, so if you have any advice, hit me up! It was 42,90 zł ($10,72).

So that is all I have for today. I do feel a little guilty for spending so much money, but looking at all these pretty babies makes me so happy. I can't wait to start using them. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Do you like hauls? Tell me if you want me to talk about things I buy more often. Is there anything you want me to review? Also, have you tried any of these and what do you think? Tell me everything! 

Sending my love, 

Sephora Collection eyeshadow palette review - Hello Lovely

7:06:00 PM

Hello guys :)

Today I decided to review a Sephora Collection eyeshadow palette. The one I'm reviewing is in a limited edition Christmas packaging, but you can still get the same eyeshadows in a "Hello Lovely" palette, which is why I decided to share my opinions.


I have to say, I really love the packaging and think it's absolutely gorgeous. I also prefer it to the new one, even though it's cute too. Mine is triangular and pink with gold glitter pattern all over the front. It also says "Sephora" on it and it probably doesn't have a name, as I can't find it anywhere. Now it's sold in a packaging that looks like THIS.

It's cardboard and has a magnetic closure. I would say it feels secure, I would travel with it. The only drawback is it doesn't have a mirror, which is not horrible for me, as I never use mirrors in my palettes anyways, but for some of you it might be important.

Instead of the mirror you'll find some ideas on how to apply the shadows (which I never really care about). The pans are also triangular and don't have names, just numbers.


You get 9 pretty neutral eyeshadows in this palette, 4 of which are matte, 4 are shimmer and one (#6) is matte with tiny shimmer particles, which you don't really see on the eye, so I would say it's also matte.

I was really impressed by the quality of the shimmer shadows, I think they are very beautiful. The mattes are not the best in my opinion, especially #6, but you can make them work just fine. I was also a little disappointed with the "pop of color" (#3), the matte purple shade, as it's not very pigmented and you have to really build it up to be able to see it on the lid.

The color selection is pretty good in my opinion. I love the fact that you get a matte ivory, a highlighting shade, some neutral all over the lid shades and a matte dark brown. I would add a matte warm brown, as these are my favourite kind of shades, but to each their own and some people may not think it's necessary.

I wish the purple (which is a very pretty color in my opinion) and the darkest color were more pigmented, but overall I think the palette is perfect for everyday, easy make up and great for traveling, as you don't really need anything else.


I have to say, it's not the best palette I've ever used, but it's also not bad at all. I was very pleasantly surprised by it and there are only two shades that I don't really like. It's very pretty and I could see myself reaching for it every single day. It would also be beautiful for travel.

So if you're looking for an affordable, nice quality, travel friendly, neutral everyday eyeshadow palette, I would recommend it. Especially as you can often get in on sale, so just wait for it and you can save even more money!

Regular price: 39,90 pln ($9,80)

That is all I have for today. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Have you tried this palette or any other Sephora Collection eyeshadows? What do you think? Also, what do you want me to review next? Tell me everything!

Sending my love,

January & February Favourites 2017

5:57:00 PM

Hi guys!

Today is the time to talk about my recent favourites. I don't have too much (which is also the reason why there were no January faves), but I feel like that is enough to write a blog post. So let's get started!

/ Catrice Camouflage in 10

This is something I've been loving ever since I bought it, which would be around the beginning of October. It's the most full coverage concealer I've ever tried. I love it for any detail work - I use it every day to carve out my eyebrows, sometimes I use it for fixing darker lipstick as well. It works great on the eyes too, I use it when I want to archive a sharp, winged eyeshadow. I even tried it on my undereyes when my dark circles were super visible, and it worked just fine too. Oh, and of course, I also use it on any pimples or discolorations. It's amazing for everything!

/ Kiko Infiniti High Pigmented eyeshadow in 204

Another product I've been loving for the last few months. It's a beautiful, darker yellow shade, amazing to warm up any look. I use it in the upper crease as a transition shade pretty much every time I put on eyeshadow. You can see it mentioned in the description of almost every single make up photo I posted on Instagram lately.

/ Lovely highlighter in Gold

I know I've just posted a review on another highlighter palette (HERE), but this baby is also something I would totally recommend. For just a few złoty you can get a glow looking and acting just like something much more expensive would. It not only looks beautiful, but also stays on my skin for a long time, fading just a little (depending on what I'm wearing underneath of course). The only complait I have is about the packaging - it's very low quality and breaks too easily.

/ Eveline Volumix Fiberlast mascara

After discovering my favourite, Lash Sensational mascara from Maybelline, I didn't think I would find anything I would love just as much or even more - at a lower price tag! But I did. This mascara from Eveline is very affordable (about 15 pln), but it makes my lashes look fenomenal - it adds length and volume at the same time. It makes them look big and that's all I could wish for. What is more, the packaging looks so luxurious.

/ Smashbox Be Legendary lipsticks in Famous

At first I was a little sceptical when using these Smashbox lipsticks, but the more I used them and the more I compared them to my other ones, the more I fell in love. I'm especially loving the nude shades - I was obsessed with Primrose last month and this month I couldn't stop using Famous. It's a beautiful nude peach, so comfortable on the lips and so moisturizing, and so pigmented at the same time. These are the reasons why I love it so much. I don't know if I would repuchase it in the full size, but I think I will run out of it pretty fast, as I'm reaching for it all the time.

/ NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in 02 Stockholm

I was very surprised when I swatched these two shades next to each other and realised how similar they are. I guess I just love these peachy, light brown nudes. This NYX one is probably one of my all time favourite lipsticks. It's the perfect nude in my opinion, it's also comfortable to wear and matte, so it stays longer on the lips and doesn't catch hair ;). And I love the scent too, it smells like cookies! I think I'm going to run out of it soon and it makes me very sad.

 / Uoga Uoga Pabučiuok Mane! (Kiss me!) Lip Balm

And another great product. It's natural, it's Lithuanian and it saves my lips like no other. Literally, it's the first lip balm ever to soften my lips so fast. And it also smells amazing, of clementines. I got it for Christmas from my friend and I absolutely love it. If you can get your hands on it, I definitely recommend it!

That is all I have for today. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

What are the products you've been loving lately? What do you think I should try next? Have you tried anything that I mentioned? Do you want to see a more in depth review on any of the products? Tell me everything! 

Sending my love,

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Sleek Solstice highlighting palette review

2:41:00 PM


Yes, I know it's March. I know my last post was in January and I said I wanted to post more frequently. Unfortunately I failed, but I'll still try again :).

As some of you may know, I got a Sleek highlighting palette for Christmas this year. Two months have passed and I feel I've used it enough to form an opinion and do a review. So for all of you, who have been asking me about it, here you go!

☆ Packaging ☆

It comes in a black cardboard packaging. You can see the name of the palette - Solstice - and a representation of colors inside on it. On the back you'll find description of the product, ingredients and some steps on how you might use it. Obviously you can use it however you like thought.

Inside you'll find a transparent "card" with the names of the shades written on it. I was a little disappointed with that, as I like it when companies put the names on the palettes, so I don't have to memorize them to know what I'm using.

You also get a little brush. I kept it, but I don't think I'm going to use it. It's bad quality and I don't like it at all.

I was pretty impressed by how big the pans are, you actually get quite a lot of products. Also, you get a big, nice mirror, so if that's important to you, I think you'd like it. I might use it when I travel.

Overall, the packaging feels very nice and sturdy. Closes nicely and feels secure. It's also very beautiful and shiny, so if you're a sucker for pretty packaging like me, you'll adore that :).

☆ The product & swatches ☆

The products itself is what I've really fallen in love with. All of the shades are very pigmented and incredibly shiny. You can really get that trendy look of a highlight "seen from space", but if you're more light handed and maybe tone it down with a powder brush, you can also get a natural glow kinda look.

I usually use one of the two bottom shades, as they are more natural. The pinkish shade is more intense and cool toned. Nonetheless, I love them all equally. I have to admit I didn't really use the cream shade - top left - as I'm not really into cream highlighting. But looking at the swatches, it's also reflective and beautiful.

Overall, I would say it's absolutely worth the hype and stunning. What makes it even more great is its low pricetag. You can get it for about 40 zł ($9,77). Unfortunately I haven't seen it in store anywhere in Poland, but you can get it in many online shops with no problem.

That is all I have for today. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed and will come back for more!

Have you tried this palette? If so, what do you think? What other highlighters would you recommend? What do you want me to review next? Tell me everything!

Sending my love,

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