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Hey guys!

Lately I've been obsessing over some beautiful Instagram accounts that I've discovered. This inspired me to share some love and talk about these accounts on my blog! I didn't want this blog post to be too long, so I decided to choose 5 girls that post creative, crazy, high fashion looks. And if you'll enjoy it, I might be posting more in the future! Let's get into it.

Rachel is a self-taught make up artist from Boston. She mostly posts close ups of her eye or lips. I love how her looks are always so colorful and bold. Also, her editing is just stunning. I love every single one of her photos.

This is the account that inspired me to write this post. I've just recently discovered Victorias profile and I immediately fell in love. Obviously, her looks are not really everyday appropriate, but they are amazing to look at and totally up my alley. I'm amazed by how creative that girl is.

Another account I'm obsessed with. Giulianna's looks are usually very colorful and dramatic, but the colors always go so well together, I have no idea how she does that. Also, that eyeliner game is so on point...!

Linda is also a make up artist, she even has her own make up line - LH Cosmetics. She posts various photos, but I especially enjoy her make up looks. Sometimes she goes more natural and sometimes really bold and creative, but everything looks good on her. I absolutely love her page.

Lizzie is a make up artist from Poland and her looks are also very bold and creative, and definitely not something you would go to work with. She also posts mostly eye or lip close ups and everything she posts is so different and amazing!

And...this is my profile. Not half as good as the other ones I recommended, but I would love you to go, check me out and maybe give me a follow ;). That is all I have for today. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed and will come back for more!

Did you like todays post? Would you like to see more of this kind? If so, be sure to let me know! I follow lots of amazing people on Instagram and would love to share them with you.

Sending my love, 

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