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Hello guys :)

Today I decided to review a Sephora Collection eyeshadow palette. The one I'm reviewing is in a limited edition Christmas packaging, but you can still get the same eyeshadows in a "Hello Lovely" palette, which is why I decided to share my opinions.


I have to say, I really love the packaging and think it's absolutely gorgeous. I also prefer it to the new one, even though it's cute too. Mine is triangular and pink with gold glitter pattern all over the front. It also says "Sephora" on it and it probably doesn't have a name, as I can't find it anywhere. Now it's sold in a packaging that looks like THIS.

It's cardboard and has a magnetic closure. I would say it feels secure, I would travel with it. The only drawback is it doesn't have a mirror, which is not horrible for me, as I never use mirrors in my palettes anyways, but for some of you it might be important.

Instead of the mirror you'll find some ideas on how to apply the shadows (which I never really care about). The pans are also triangular and don't have names, just numbers.


You get 9 pretty neutral eyeshadows in this palette, 4 of which are matte, 4 are shimmer and one (#6) is matte with tiny shimmer particles, which you don't really see on the eye, so I would say it's also matte.

I was really impressed by the quality of the shimmer shadows, I think they are very beautiful. The mattes are not the best in my opinion, especially #6, but you can make them work just fine. I was also a little disappointed with the "pop of color" (#3), the matte purple shade, as it's not very pigmented and you have to really build it up to be able to see it on the lid.

The color selection is pretty good in my opinion. I love the fact that you get a matte ivory, a highlighting shade, some neutral all over the lid shades and a matte dark brown. I would add a matte warm brown, as these are my favourite kind of shades, but to each their own and some people may not think it's necessary.

I wish the purple (which is a very pretty color in my opinion) and the darkest color were more pigmented, but overall I think the palette is perfect for everyday, easy make up and great for traveling, as you don't really need anything else.


I have to say, it's not the best palette I've ever used, but it's also not bad at all. I was very pleasantly surprised by it and there are only two shades that I don't really like. It's very pretty and I could see myself reaching for it every single day. It would also be beautiful for travel.

So if you're looking for an affordable, nice quality, travel friendly, neutral everyday eyeshadow palette, I would recommend it. Especially as you can often get in on sale, so just wait for it and you can save even more money!

Regular price: 39,90 pln ($9,80)

That is all I have for today. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Have you tried this palette or any other Sephora Collection eyeshadows? What do you think? Also, what do you want me to review next? Tell me everything!

Sending my love,

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