My make up depotting experience

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Hello guys!

As you already know, lately I've purchased a magnetic palette. I wanted to use it for the products that have broken packaging and as my travel palette, as that way it would take less space and be more secure (at least I hope so). I had no experience with depotting make up (which basically means taking it out of the original packaging), so if you're interested in how I did, keep on reading.

 My magnetic palette is from Nabla, it's called Liberty Twelve Customizable Palette and it cost me 42,90 zł, which is about 11$. It seems to be good quality and size, and it has been lying around in my make up shelf long enough. Today I decided I finally have to put stuff in it. So I watched some YouTube videos on depotting make up and started.

I've found out there are various ways to do that. Some seem to be more dangerous than others, and as I didn't want to burn my whole house (yes, some involve fire!), I decided to go with the one that seemed the easiest.

1. I took a safety-pin and with a sharp edge, found a place where there's a gap between the little product pot and the outer packaging. I used a safety-pin, because it was small enough. It was not strong enough though and mine got completely ruined. In the future I would prefer to use something else. I tried to make the gap bigger, for my next tool to fit.

2. And my next tool is a butter knife. This, on the other hand, was a little too big and I ruined some of my products because of that. Again, I would prefer another tool in the future, but this time I rolled with it. With the knife I tried to make the pot move. When it did a whole 360°, obviously the glue wasn't holding it too strong anymore. This is when I would try to pull it up and take out the pot.

My explanation is probably very bad, so if you're thinking of doing it yourself, I'd recommend watching some YouTube videos, like I did.

I didn't want to ruin anything expensive, so I started my depotting adventure with my cheapest products. Only the Too Faced one is more expensive, but it was in a sample packaging, so it went okay. So here are the products I depotted:

1. Lovely Gold highlighter. The packaging of this one was so destroyed, it was crying for help. I had to depot it if I was going to take it with me to travel. Lovely, please make your packaging more sturdy... Anyways, it depotted fine, AND it was magnetic, which made me very happy.

2. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer. It's the one I was scared to destroy the most, but everything went just fine. The sample packaging was really easy to cut through and bend, so I had no problem depotting this one. It's also magnetic.

3. Essence Silky Touch blush in 10 Adorable. It was one of my first blushes, I don't think they even make these anymore. The original packaging was so old and broken, I also had to find a new place for this baby. Unfortunately, I completely ruined it while depotting. The pot bended and the pressed powder broke. None of this happened with the two products before, so I guess Essence makes the pots less quality. I managed to fix it, but then I was disappointed once more. It was not magnetic. I used leftover glue to stick it to the palette, but I don't think I'll be depotting any Essence blushes anytime soon.

4. Avon True Colour eyeshadow palette in Mocha Latte. The packaging of this one was fine, but I wanted to put them in here as some basic everyday shadows. They broke a little while depotting, but they were mostly fine. Unfortunately, they were not magnetic, so once again I used leftover glue to stick them in. I also put them all close together and secured with the next shadow, which, luckily, was magnetic.

5. Catrice Velvet Matt eyeshadow in 060 Moss Wanted Colour.  This one depotted easily. The breakage you can see on the photo was there before. It was also magnetic. I barely ever used this shade, I hope it will make me use it more, as it's beautiful, pigmented and overall a great shadow.

6. Essence 3D eyeshadow in 09 Irresistible Chocolates. Very resistable, probably, as I haven't used it in years. Which is why I decided to put in in here. Once again, it bent a little, but the damage wasn't as bad as with the blush. It was also not magnetic.

So what have I learned? First of all, if I'd want to depot more products, it would be probably a good idea to have a tool designed specifically for that. But, obviously, you can archieve similar effect with just some things you have at home.

I also learned that the pot quality varies from one brand to another. Essence seems to not cooperate. Their pots were too thin and bendy, it was very hard to get them out of the packaging without destroying the powder. They were also not magnetic. Avon pots were hard enough to get them out pretty safe, but also not magnetic. Catrice, Lovely and Too Faced worked beautifully. Obvioulsy, it might vary depending on the product, they might have also changed things over time. Some of the products I have are pretty old.

What is more, I noticed that you can't actually depot anything you want. The reason being...not everything has a pot! The products on the photo above seem to be pressed directly into the plastic packaging. I was a little disappointed as I really wanted to depot these too.

So that is all I have for today. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!  If you did, please let me know in the comments section below. Also, let me know what do you want to see next!

Sending my love, 

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