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Hey guys!

Lately I've been doing lots of hauls (yeah, I've given up on my New Years' resolution...) and I really wanted to share them with you, especially as I personally love seeing what other people buy, so maybe you do too! Today I'm going to show what I've bought in Sephora. It was a gift from me to me on my graduation day. I love treating myself with make up :).

As you can see on the photo, I've bought three products. The first one, and what I went to look for in the first place, is Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Midnight Cowboy. Originally it costs 99 zł ($26), but there was a 20% discount for Sephora Black card owners, so I saved some money. I used it on the day of my graduation ceremony (you can see the look HERE, HERE & HERE) and I was not disappointed with how sparkly it was and how it stayed perfectly in tact for the whole day! It's a beautiful and easy to use glitter. Also, the shade is very neutral and will go with many different looks. Yes, it's quite expensive, but I'm hoping it will last me a long time!

I've also bought a mini version of the famous Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade Light 2 Vanilla. I'd been wanting to try this one for a long time now. So when I saw that there's a mini available and I could use my discount on it, I immediately grabbed it :). I love buying minis of more expensive products, as then I can try it out and see if I like it without the huge commitment. I have to say, I really like this concealer so far. The shade is perfect and the coverage is on point. One of the best concealers I've tried, so I guess it's living up to its fame. The full size is 145 zł ($39) and the mini is 67 zł ($18) (without the discount).

And the last but not least is a beautiful product by Sephora - their Outrageous Eyeshadow in 01 Scandalous Beige. It's a creamy eyeshadow in a beautiful, pinky champagne shade. It's super shiny and makes a stunning inner corner highlight. I also often use it as an eyeshadow topper and it looks gorgeous on pretty much anything. It can be sheered out, then it gives a beautiful shine without too much coverage, or it can be packed on - then it's even more shiny and almost blinding. Definitely the most blinding product in my possession :). The price of this beauty is 49 zł ($13), so it was also the most affordable one.

Honestly, I couldn't pick a favourite out of these three products, I love them all and I was very happy when I bought them. I definitely reach for the Sephora eyeshadow the most, but that's because I'm trying to spare the concealer and the glitter liner is not very everyday-appropriate. Nonetheless, I absolutely don't regret buying any of them and they are some of my favourite products in my collection.

That is all that I have for today. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Please share any of your thoughts in the comments below! Have a great week!

Sending my love,

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