About Me

I'm a 22 years old girl who loves make up and all things beauty, which you are probably able to tell by the fact, that this blog is all about that. I'm also a psychology student, which is another one of my passions. I also love watching movies, long romantic walks, sushi, coffee and animals. And many other things I'm not going to mention, because that is just not that relevant.

I was born in Vilnius, Lithuania, but I live in Poznań, Poland at the moment, and I travel between my two homes quite a lot. This of course means that English is not my first language and you might find my way of writing a little bit awkward from time to time. Apart from English, I can speak Polish, Lithuanian and Russian, I'm also learning Japanese and thinking about learning Spanish.

I like to think that I'm an optimist and that I have passion for life, even though I'm still not sure what I want to do with my life and I'm still searching for my place on the planet Earth.

You can find me on social media (all links can be found on the right side of the blog) if you want to get to know me better, and, of course, subscribe to my blog.

Have an amazing day,

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